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L. N. Girdharilal School
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In 1862 Ghazi-ud-Din Khan founded a Madarsa near a Mosque just outside Shajahanabad's Ajmeri Darwaza. Unlike many others this Madarsa is distinctive in as much as it is separate and independent from the mausoleum. Called variously as Ghazi-ud-Din Madarsa, or Anglo-Arabic School, or Delhi College, or Zakir Hussain College, the building has been used both as a school and a college. This building was one of the centres of the "Delhi Renaissance" during the 1830's and 1840's.

Many eminent Delhiwalas have been its alumni. Built in the Indo Sarasnic style, this complex is architecturally rich in design having all the desired elements and components of a Madarsa that is, Mosque, Makhtab, a library and a double-tier of Hujras for the students.

This building is one of the few remaining specimens of the traditional Mughal School. It has been used in many different ways but the cardinal use has always been educational. Additions and alterations have been carried out adjacent to the historic building for fulfilling additional requirements in keeping with the English system of Higher Education. Periodical repairs have been carried out with taste and care.

This building is a fine example of a religio-educational endowment. Architecturally well designed this building reflects the glory of an educational institution of eminence.

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