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Permissible Additions/Alterations in DDA Flats

DDA has framed a comprehensive policy and procedure to allow additions/alterations and additional covered area in DDA flats, which has been approved by the Government of India.

Under the policy, the following additions/alterations in the flats constructed by DDA are condonable, for which no action will be taken under terms and conditions of allotment:
  • To convert existing barsati into room provided the wall is made of only 115 mm thick.
  • Grills and glazing in verandah with proper fixing arrangement.
  • Raising height of front and rear courtyard wall up to 7 feet height by putting up jali/fencing.
  • Providing door in courtyard whereever not provided.
  • Providing sunshades on doors and windows, whereever not provided, with proper fixing arrangements.
  • Closing the door.
  • If the bathroom or WC are not having roof, they may be treated as open urinals and allowed.
  • Raising the wall of balcony/terrace/parapet with grill or glazing up to five feet height.
  • Removal of original structure and reconstruction with due permission in the case of single storied built-up flats only subject to the satisfaction of building bye-laws and prior approval of the local authority.
  • Construction of open staircase (cat-ladder), where no staircase has been provided for approach to the terrace.
  • To put/provide additional PVC water tank at ground floor area without disturbing the common passage.
  • To provide an additional PVC water tank in the scooter/car garage at the surface level.
  • To provide loft/shelf in the rooms without chase in the walls.
  • To change the flooring with water-proofing treatment.
  • To remove half brick wall (4.5 inches)
  • To make a ramp at front gate without disturbing the common passage/storm-water drain.
  • To provide sun-shades on the outer windows up to two feet wide projection
  • To provide false ceiling in rooms.
  • To make an opening of maximum size of 2.5 feet X 1.75 feet for exhaust fan or air-conditioner in existing walls.
  • Fixing doors in back or front courtyards.
  • Converting window into almirah, subject to availability of light and ventilation.
  • Shifting of water storage tank/raising of the parapet wall up to five feet high and putting additional water storage tank at the location specified subject to capacity of storage of water limited to 550 litres.
  • Shifting of the front glazing doors/windows up to maximum outside up to existing chajja.

Further, the following items have been permitted, on submission of the detailed drawings by the allottee, duly certified by Registered Architect and qualified Structure Engineer.

  • Construction of bathroom and WC in the rear courtyard subject to the condition that the existing services are not affected.
  • Covering of the open terrace with sloping roofs up to 9 feet high with light weight material such as fibre glass/AC sheets/sheets/pipes and standard angle iron sections etc. and enclosing with glazing.
  • Interchange the position of kitchen/bathroom and WC with proper power connection, subject to structural safety. The consent of all the affected occupants/allottees shall have to be obtained prior to such permission.
  • Covering of courtyard and roof terrace for which additional FAR charges are to be paid @ Rs. 450 per square meter of additional floor area.

To simplify and expedite the procedure for approvals in such cases, Architects registered with Council of Architecture under Architects Act, 1972, have been given the authority to certify plans for their correctness regarding original construction as well as proposals being in conformity with building by-laws and to the guidelines of additions/alterations.

Once the plans with all the documents certified by the Architects and the Structural Engineer and fees are submitted, they will be taken on record and treated as permitted.

A Building Plan Fee of Rs. 200/- will be charged for processing the plans, irrespective of covered area involved. In addition to this, a charge of Rs. 450/- per square meter will be levied for additional covered area proposed to be constructed.

To ensure structural safety and proper construction, the Certificate of Supervision by Architect and Structural Engineer is mandatory, along with an indemnity bond for structural stability. This will not be required by those who have given NOC only.

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