Rohini Residential Scheme - 1981
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Alternate Allotment

Scheme of Large Scale Acquisition, Development and disposal of Land in Delhi, envisages the allotment of alternative plot to the persons whose land is acquired under the scheme. As per policy, the allotment of alternative plot is made on the recommendations of the Land & Building Deptt., Govt.of Delhi. The scheme for allotment of alternative plot lays down the guidelines in this regard.

During current year, 578 plots have been allotted. Due to non-availability of plots, 224 recommendees are currently waiting for allotment of plots.

Salient features of policy of alternative allotment

  • Allotment of alternative plot is made on the basis of recommendations of L&B department and by random draw of lots subject to number of plots available for allotment and based on seniority of the recommendee. However, the recommendations issued by L&B department have no legal binding to allot an alternative plot. It is purely based on availability of plots.
  • Size Norms
  • A) For awards announced before 3.4.86
      i. 40 sq.yds. for acquired land between 150 i
    sq.yd. and 1 Bigha.

    ii. 250 sq. yds. For land between 1 to 10 Bighas.

    iii. 400 sq. yds. For land above 10 Bighas

    B) B) For awards announced after 3.4.86
      i. a) No plot for less than 1 bigha acquired land
    i. b) 40 sq.yds. for land acquired 1.00 bigha

    ii. 80 sq.yds. for land acquired between 1 to 5
    ii. bighas.

    iii. 150 sq.yds. for land for 5 to 10 bighas.
    iv. 250 sq. yds. For land above 10 bighas

  • Chances
    Three chances are given to each allottee to acquire the land under this policy. If any allottee does not want to take possession in the 1st chance another chance will be given after expiry of one year and that too subject to availability of plot and seniority. However, the allotte will have to deposit 10% of the premium of the previously allotted plot as cancellation charges. After three chances no more chance will be given.

  • Seniority
    Seniority is based on the date of acquisition of land that too area wise.

  • Cost of Land
    The cost applicable will be the Pre-Determined Rate announced by Ministry of Urban Development applicable on the date of draw. Demand letters are issued on provisional PDR pending decision of final PDR by Ministry of Urban Development.

  • Mode of Payment


    35% (10% earnest money and 25% premium) premium within 60 days of issue of allotment letter.
    50% of premium within another 60 days of last date fixed for 35% premium
    15% of premium within 30 days of demand letter to be issued after finalisation of PDR by Ministry.

  • Delay in Payment
    Delay in payment of premium within stipulated period attracts automatic cancellation. It is upto the discretion of DDA to restore the plot cancelled subject to payment of 18% interest and restoration charges (for delay beyond 90 days.).

  • Place of Allotment
    Due to non-availability of plots in every zone at present allotment is done as follows:

    Recommendee of South and Dwarka Recommendee of East, North, Rohini & West
    Recommendee of Narela



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